Drift and cast or troll, Lake Erie walleye are biting

Jun 9, 2021 | Ottawa Outdoors | 0 comments

Capt. Mark Cahlik of Mark I Charters strums a tune on his fishing boat while Grammy winner Brittany Howard and the gang kick in with a song. Cahlik and Howard were the stars of a Midwest Outdoors TV filming on Lake Erie last week, a crew that also included, left to right, Dana Scott, Angie Scott, Tiffany Minton and Tommy Harris.

After last weeks blow out, despite trying to recover from the gale force winds we have been catching Lake Erie walleye every day and doing great.

As we have every week, we are trying to promote casting to catch our walleye as much as we can. The traditional drift-and-cast tactics have been a bit inconsistent, thanks to the winds we’ve had, but anglers are putting limits of fish in the cooler.

The key for success has been to present the smaller lures tipped with nightcrawlers in the upper 10 feet of the water column, where walleye are suspending to feed. With the recent storms came lots of mud, and to avoid the mud we were moving around a lot, chasing the “mud fields.”

The best spots to go to for casting for walleye have been west about two to three miles of North Bass Island, along the Canadian line by F Can and north of Gull Reef on the Canadian line. Sometimes after blow days its hard to catch walleye, so we have to go to the shallower rock piles. West Reef and Gull Reef both produced on recent days. As the weather stabilizes, the casting method of fishing will explode.

As for those who choose to troll, the tactics have remained the same as for those casting. Target the top 10 feet of the water column. We are using Tru-Trip diving planers and Yeck, Stinger and other small to medium-sized spoons. Troll those rigs about 30 to 35 feet behind the boat. North of Gull Reef along the border has been the most productive waters. Many areas on the western end of the lake are still muddy.

As the weather and the lake become more stable, the report will be more detailed, providing more areas where you can fish to catch your limit. With the gale force northeast blow we had it was hard on the lake and around town.

Port Clinton did a great job of coming back fast after the flooding it had due to the northeast winds. Thank you to Don Clemons and The Bait House in Port Clinton and Marla and John Skweres at Crow’s Nest in Marblehead for hosting our celebrity anglers — including Grammy winner Brittany Howard — who joined us to film a Midwest Outdoors TV show this week on Lake Erie.

We are working hard to promote our area for casting for walleye and we are shooting yet another television show again next month to feature Lake Erie’s tremendous walleye fishing. I want to say good job Port Clinton! Until next week, keep a tight line!

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