Elmore Bridge completion ahead of schedule

Jul 16, 2020 | Around Ottawa County | 0 comments

This photo was taken last week to show the construction that has already taken place on the Elmore Bridge.

This is a depiction of the “moment slab” on the Elmore Bridge, which has been completed. The slabs reinforce the barrier wall to keep it from topping over if struck by a vehicle.

It’s not a rumor. The new bridge on State Route 51 in the Village of Elmore will open this month, three weeks ahead of schedule.

A lot of hard work, a period of mostly favorable weather, and a $180,000 incentive for the contractor to kick it in high gear is how the Ohio Department of Transportation got to an early opening.

After a successful deck pour in mid-June, work has progressed well on the project. The concrete railing on the inside of the bridge has been completed, and the intermediate layer of asphalt leading up to the bridge is in place.

The intermediate layer of asphalt is the layer below the final driving surface. The last of the concrete for the overlooks was completed 10 days ago. Topsoil began to be put in place last week, as well.

Construction of the “moment slabs” have also been completed. The “moment slabs” essentially reinforce the barrier wall and keep it from toppling over should it be struck by a vehicle.

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