Factors to consider when buying furniture

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While furniture may not be the most costly investment, it’s also not the cheapest, which is why getting it right is important.

Buying furniture can be an exciting prospect. The opportunity to breathe new life into a home with the addition of different furnishings inspires many people. However, at the same time, searching for furniture can be a tad overwhelming, especially when homeowners do not know where to begin.

Statistics Canada reports that Canadians spend an average of $934 on furniture each year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that, in 2017, Americans spent an average of $2,484 on furniture. While furniture may not be the most costly investment, it’s also not the cheapest, which is why getting it right is important.

Determine your needs

The first step in purchasing new furniture is to decide what is needed. Assess current furniture and think about what works for certain pieces and what doesn’t. Then you can gear purchases around desired features. For example, if you’ve determined chenille fabric holds on to too much pet fur, the next couch may be leather or microfiber.

Measure more than once

Measure your room multiple times and create a mock floor plan. This will help when figuring out if certain pieces can fit into the space. Some retailers even offer floor plan software on their websites so that you can upload the dimensions of your room and see how certain items will fit in your spaces. In addition, be sure to measure the width of doors to ensure that it’s easy to get the furniture into the home when delivered.

Determine your style

Figure out which style best fits your personality and lifestyle. This may be traditional, transitional or modern. Incorporate pieces accordingly, or mix and match to create a look that is completely unique.

Confirm materials

Consider your budget when choosing the construction materials for the furniture. Solid wood tends to be more expensive, but often it is more durable than engineered products. In addition, check to see how items are built. Pull out drawers and check hinges to ensure the quality is there.

Save money on sales

Furniture can be expensive, but there is room for savings. Shop when retailers offer seasonal sales. Consider warehouse retailers, which often sell select items at a discount.

Read reviews

Before taking the plunge, be sure to read reviews of items and retailers. While items may appear perfect, reviews can shed light on how pieces stand up to wear and tear.

Shopping for furniture means taking steps to measure, match style, read reviews, and find pieces that fit homeowners’ lifestyles.

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