Factors to consider when vetting post-pandemic career opportunities

Mar 30, 2022 | Business | 0 comments

The COVID-19 pandemic left no aspect of life as the world knew it before 2020 untouched. In the wake of the pandemic, students were forced to learn in new ways, individuals were forced to find new ways to maintain relationships with family and friends and employers and employees were forced to confront an emerging notion of the workplace.

Since the World Health Organization first declared a global pandemic in March 2020, much has been made of “The Great Resignation,” a term adopted in reference to the tens of millions of individuals who quit their jobs during the pandemic. Further study is needed to determine just how many people quit their jobs since the pandemic began, but there’s no denying that attitudes toward work have shifted since early 2020. That shift has made many people more willing to change careers. Women pondering a career move can consider these factors as they vet new opportunities.

Hybrid working

A September 2021 Gallup report on workplace trends found that 91 percent of workers in the United States working at least some remote hours each week are hoping the opportunity to do that persists after the pandemic. Perhaps surprisingly, more than half of the workers surveyed indicated they would ideally like to split their time between working at home and in the office. Women vetting new career opportunities can ask if hybrid working is a possibility. Hybrid working is beneficial for various reasons, not the least of which is affording professionals a chance to get out of the house while still ensuring they can spend more time with family, which is an especially enticing benefit for working parents.


It goes without saying that salary bears significant consideration when vetting a new employment opportunity. In the past, professionals might have jumped at the chance to earn higher salaries, even if it meant leaving their current employer behind. However, many professionals experienced a priority shift during the pandemic, recognizing the value of spending less time working and more time away from the office. Some spent that extra time with family and friends, while others used it to explore new passions. When vetting a new career opportunity with a higher salary, women can do their best to determine what that higher salary will require. If it will require more time working and less time with family, friends and hobbies, then women must ask themselves if the extra money is worth the decrease in personal time.


Stability is another issue that might not have garnered as much consideration before the pandemic as it figures to in a post-pandemic world. Many professionals lost their jobs, took pay cuts or were furloughed during the pandemic. Such individuals might have worked in industries like travel or events that are vulnerable when shutdowns are issued. Women who have been through the professional wringer during the pandemic should consider the stability of a given employer before accepting a job offer. Some may find the rewards of working in a field they’re passionate about are worth the risk, while others may prefer a line of work that offers more stability and security.

The pandemic has changed many aspects of professional life, including how new career opportunities should be vetted.

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