Favorable weather brings stronger fishing success

May 7, 2024 | Ottawa Outdoors | 0 comments


Finally, the weather seems like it started to stabilize this past week, which has been much better for fishing – which in turn makes for better reports coming in. The jigging bite is starting to wrap up with reports coming in that they are switching over to harnesses. They are using a 1 oz. weight with a slow retrieve off the bottom and at a 15 and 20 count, as well with limit catches. They have been finding them northeast of Kelley’s Island and West of Green Island and on the Canadian line.

Trolling bite is still going strong running Deadeye crankbaits 50 to 90 back 1.8 to 2.0 mph. They have been running west of Green Island about a mile as well and working the Canadian line. We are also getting reports that they are picking up walleye at the stone docks.

We also have a report on Sandusky Bay catfishing as well. The bite has started to turn on within the last week as well. The bait of choice I have read in reports has been shrimp. The hottest bite seems to be a night bite right now. They are catching in the daytime, but the night bit is better. A few of the catfish charters are starting to run some trips as well. More to come and the weather continues to improve.

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