Ferguson Gallery debuts ‘By the Sea’ Christmas ornament

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Who does not love walking “By the Sea” and spotting a beautiful star fish washed up on the shore by a glassy wave? That was artist Cary Ferguson’s inspiration for this year‘s edition of his commemorative Christmas ornaments at the Ferguson Gallery, 5890 E. Harbor Rd., Marblehead.

“I have been making these beautiful commemorative ornaments for more than 30 years,” said Ferguson.  “Every hand-made ornament is signed, numbered and dated. Made to our exacting standards, I am sure “By the Sea” will be an heirloom ornament to be treasured by families forever.”

By the Sea” ornaments will be on display at the Ferguson Gallery’s Open  House on Nov. 24-25, as well as the annual Glass Blowing Spectacle. Theornament can also be ordered by calling 419-  734-0600 or visiting thegallery. “We are very proud to be producing an American-made product right here in our home town,” said Ferguson.

“We have people that have collected them since the very beginning, and many  send them each year to friends and family all around the country.”

During the Glass Blowing Spectacle, Ferguson invites the public to join him and his craftsmen in the studio to make  blown glass paperweights, bowls or vas- es for the surprisingly reasonable price  of only $48 and 58 for bowl or vase.

Participants get to pick their favorite colors and work hand-in-hand with  a craftsman. The paperweights make great gifts for the many who like to be involved in the creation of a gift. The  glass blowing spectacular is on a first- come, first-served basis. Come early as  the gallery expects a lot of interest in the event.

The gallery will also be hosting its Holiday Jewelry Sale, with up to 50% off selected lines, many specials and an amazing selection of jewelry throughout the  holiday season. The 8,000-square foot Ferguson Gallery is filled with jewelry, oil paintings, arts, crafts and antiques, and holiday refreshments. Thegallery offers free gift wrap and free layaway until Christmas. For more information, visit fergusongallery.com or its Facebook pages.


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