Gail Ware is grateful Magruder Hospital was part of her cancer journey

Apr 23, 2024 | Around Ottawa County | 1 comment

Gail Ware, center, is grateful Magruder Hospital offers oncology care right in her own neighborhood. Here, she stands with Magruder Hospital Oncology Director Laura Muller, left, and Gail’s husband John Ware, right. (Submitted photo)


When Gail Ware of Port Clinton scheduled back surgery at Magruder Hospital, she had no idea she was about to begin a cancer journey that would take her through a stem cell transplant and chemotherapy treatments. Now that she’s on the brighter side of that journey, she can say she is grateful Magruder Hospital was along the path.

Gail and her husband, John Ware, are originally from Cincinnati. They spent many weekends throughout their lives in their summer home in Port Clinton, and when they were ready to retire, they decided to move to the lake permanently. Six months later, back pain forced Gail onto the surgical table, where a bone marrow biopsy revealed a diagnosis of multiple myeloma.

“I was totally shocked. I had never heard of multiple myeloma,” Gail said. “I was totally unprepared for cancer.”

Gail underwent her initial cancer treatments at Magruder Hospital. At first, entrusting her health to a smalltown hospital was difficult for Gail, who had lived most of her life in a big city. It didn’t take long for those fears to disappear.

“Cincinnati has much bigger hospitals. Port Clinton is a much smaller town than either of us came from,” Gail said. “I assumed a hospital that size would only deal with general medicine, not specialized care like oncology, but I was impressed with the oncology department. Everyone at Magruder was super nice.”

A partnership between Magruder Hospital and University Hospitals helped Gail Ware receive the best in efficient cancer care. (Submitted photo)

A few visits into her cancer treatments, a doctor discovered she was a strong candidate for a stem cell transplant, and she was referred to University Hospitals in Cleveland. A collaboration between University Hospitals and Magruder Hospital has greatly impacted the health of many local residents, including Gail. She underwent the stem cell transplant and other care treatments at University Hospitals, and Magruder now manages her follow-up care.

According to information provided by Magruder, cancer care is “a high cost, high need, high risk and high emotion area of healthcare” that must have a patient-centered focus. The partnership between Magruder Hospital and University Hospitals helps create

compassionate, competent and efficient care for cancer patients. An electronic health records system provides vital access to a patient’s treatment plan across the spectrum of treatment providers. The system improves patient safety and welfare.

It also helps local patients receive the best of care in their own neighborhood.

“University Hospitals was very good, but I’m glad I didn’t have to drive 1 ½ hours for every visit, for every treatment, for every shot,” Gail said. “I’m thankful Magruder is close to us.”

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  1. Scott Gresser

    There’s been stories both negative and positive about Magruder Hospital. It’s good to hear a positive one. And I hope the positive stories keep on coming.


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