Genoa Local Schools Foundation awards 83 scholarships

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The Genoa Area Local Schools Scholarship Foundation, Inc. has awarded 83 scholarships. All scholarship winners were announced on the school’s Staying Connected website rather than at the Spring Honors Award Program, as the Covid-19 pandemic cancelled the remainder of the school year.

The Scholarship Foundation offers scholarships to students graduating from the Genoa Area Local Schools. Students interested in information on scholarships offered through this program should contact their school counselor or principal.

The Scholarship Foundation was organized in 1991 as a public charitable organization created by the community to improve the opportunity for a quality college education.

This year’s scholarships were awarded to 55 seniors through the Foundation. Over the past five years, the Foundation has distributed 348 scholarships. The various scholarship funds in the Foundation total over $950,000 in assets to assist students in furthering their education. Scholarships range from $300 to $4,000. In 2020, the Foundation awarded one renewable scholarship at $4,000; four scholarships offered were at $2,000 each; one 2nd year renewable was at $2,000; eight were at $1,000; and 14 were $500 or more.

The Foundation will pay out more than $47,000 in scholarships in 2020, as well as distribute 4,000 Foundation brochures. The growth of the Foundation is due to a community program funded by caring, helpful and thoughtful individuals, along with local businesses and community clubs, who support Genoa Schools.

Genoa Area Local Schools Scholarship Foundation scholarships and recipients:

Allen-Clay Joint Fire District Firefighter Association Scholarships — Marainna Henninger, Taylor Mazuchowski.

Helen Asmus Memorial Scholarship — Regan Anderson, Brooke Buehler, Aaron LeJeune, Alayna Nowak, Mackenzie Schmidt.

Stella Bertz Scholarship — Lydia White.

Doris Brossia Memorial Scholarship — Ethan Smith.

Clay-Genoa High School Reunion Scholarship — Lauren Wyatt.

Curtice Kidz/Allen Township Scholarship ­— Adam Vargo.

Dehn Sisters Memorial Scholarship — Natalee Cooper.

Envirosafe Scholarship – Hayden Cherry, Brock Hochanadel.

Timothy J. Fisher/Briana Bertock/Schack Memorial Science Scholarship — Kenny Reno.

Foundation Scholarship Fund — Luke Frias, Zach Harper, Tyler Keaton, Allen Laytart, Alayna Nyler.

Bruce and Alyssa Gackstetter Memorial Scholarship — Grant Goodman.

Genoa Area Federation of Clubs – Tomme Bergman Memorial Scholarship — Luke Johnson, Matthew Robinson.

Genoa Area FFA Alumni Scholarship — Darcie Goodman, Grant Goodman, Brady Linker, Taylor Mazuchowski, Colege Miollhimed, Mahala Oberhaus, Amanda Partin, Natalie Pearson, Kerstins Pelow, Samuel Witt.

Genoa Area Music Boosters Scholarship — Adeliine Linker.

Genoa Area Athletic Boosters Scholarship — Megan Davis, Corey Welsh.

Genoa Elementary PTO Scholarship — Natalee Cooper.

Genoa Golf Scholarship — Ethan Smith.

Genoa Grange Scholarship — Samuel Witt.

Genoa Kiwanis Scholarship — Bella Klimkosky, Alyssa Mullins, Nolan Weaver.

Genoa Wrestling Scholarship — Dustin Morgillo.

Margaret “Peggy” Herbert Memorial Scholarship — Koby Murawski, Julie Robel, Asilia Rodriguez.

Lester M. Henningsen Scholarship — Amanda Partin.

Roger & M.C. Hesselbart Memorial Scholarship — Kendall Gerke.

Andrew Hirt Memorial Scholarship — Brock Pollauf.

Jennifer L. Johnson Memorial Scholarship — Darcie Goodman.

Ryan Kimball Memorial Scholarship — Michale Rightnowar.

“Papa Joe” McLear Memorial Scholarship — Caitlan Gose.

David K. Miller Memorial Scholarship — Nolan Weaver.

Edith C. Niehousmyer Memorial Scholarship — Amanda Partin.

Helen L. Niehousmyer Memorial Scholarship — Abby Lawson.

Ima Nolte Memorial Scholarship — Adeline Linker.

Curt Reinbolt Memorial Scholarship — Carolyn Lutz.

Carol Scharer Scholarship — Daniel Novotny.

John F. Schultz Memorial Scholarship — Anna Sutter, Colleen Traver.

The Sheehan Family Scholarship — Bella Klimkowsky, Dustin Morgillo.

Marcia Tank Education Scholarship — Lauren Wyatt.

Marcia Tank Science/Enginerring Scholarship — Samuel Witt.

Debra Sue Vine Memorial Scholarship — Cole Millhime.

Wagner Sondergeld Memorial Scholarship — Julia Smith

James Walton Scholarship — Kayle Wilbur.

Frances M. Weirich Memorial Scholarship — Natalee Cooper.

Additional Local Scholarships:

First Federal Bank — Brock Pollauf.

Charles W. and Donna E. Foss Scholarship — Megan Davis, Kendall Gerke, Zachary Szepiela, Samuel Witt.

Genoa Area Education Association — Amanda Partin, Adeline Linker.

Genoa Bank — Brady Linker, Alexis Meinhardt, Tatum Neumann.

Genoa Coterie Club — Amanda Partin.

Genoa Chamber of Commerce — Brady Linker, Alexis Meinhart.

Ohio Association of Public School Employees — Darcie Goodman.

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