Genoa Scholarship Foundation celebrates 30th year with record $1 million in assets

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The Genoa Scholarship Foundation, which was established in 1991 to improve the quality of education for students of Genoa Area Local Schools, is celebrating its 30th year of providing scholarships to graduating seniors.

Run entirely by volunteers, The Genoa Area Local Schools Scholarship Foundation has more than exceeded expectations. The Foundation over the past 30 years has grown to $1 million in assets that benefit the students in Genoa Area Local Schools.

There are currently 43 individual scholarship funds that offered 69 scholarships in 2020, a huge increase from the 31 scholarships offered just 10 years ago, or the 24 presented 15 years ago. In addition, at least 14 scholarships are given annually by various local businesses, organizations and individuals in conjunction with the Foundation.

The scholarships offered range from $300 up to $4,000.

It all began on Jan. 7, 1991, when a group of local citizens founded the Genoa Area Education Foundation. Russ Bless, Richard Iffland, Thomas Stanley, Daisy Takas, Robert Tank and Dennis Vine presented the concept to a core of individuals and legally organized the Foundation. With the help of Technology Director Tom Baker of Genoa Schools, the Foundation moved from individual to one on-line application, making it much easier for students.

Many days spent each year ensure all student applicants get their opportunity for well-deserved assistance. Over the past five years, the Foundation now distributes an average of 70 scholarships annually to Genoa graduates.

In 2004, the Foundation established an Operating Expense Fund. This fund finances the Foundation’s supplies (envelopes, letterhead, postage), including 4,000 brochures distributed annually.

Former members of the Board of Trustees include Russ Bless, Cindy Cedoz. Carly Crabb, James Hamilton, Richard Hillman, Jean Holcombe, Richard Iffland, Dee Moyer, Fred Scharer, Thomas Skees, Thomas Stanley, Kellie Szymanski, Daisy Takas, Robert Tank, Kimberly Traver, Dennis Vine, Melissa Wagner and Jere Witt.

Matt Hirt, Business and Technology teacher at Genoa High School, created a display near the auditorium entrance at the high school showing the list of scholarships, memorials, and $100-plus contributors.

The current Foundation Trustees include Alan Brown, Diane Gerkensmeyer, Denise Hoyles, Mitchell Hoyles, Brian Huston and Chrissy Lewis, with more than 69 years of experience with the Foundation.

For questions, suggestions or concerns, email the; call 419-855-7741, Ext. 21100; or contact one of the Trustees. Visit the website; “Academics” – “Scholarship Foundation“ to learn more. To donate, make contributions to Genoa Area Local Schools Scholarship Foundation, Inc., mail to: Brian Huston, GenoaBank, P.O. Box 98, Genoa, Ohio 43440.

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