GenoaBank hosts Agricultural Workshop for local farmers

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Featured at a recent GenoaBank Agricultural Workshop for area farmers were, left to right, Attorney Ben Sutter of Marshall Melhorn, David Myerholtz of Myerholtz Family Farms, CEO Marty Sutter of GenoaBank, and vice-presidents Luke Sutter and Justin Moore of GenoaBank.

GenoaBank, a locally-owned independent community bank, has announced its partnership with GenoaFinancial, Marshall Melhorn, and local farmer and 4R advocate David Myerholtz of Myerholtz Family Farms to host agricultural workshops to showcase commitment in preserving, protecting and financing local family farms.

“We want our local farmers to maintain a sustainable and environmentally sound operation while protecting the water quality of our communities and surrounding areas in Northwest Ohio.” said Martin P. Sutter, GenoaBank’s President and CEO. “We are not here to blame or point fingers, but rather to work together and find a solution.”

GenoaBank recently hosted a free Agricultural Workshop at Schedel Gardens in Elmore for area farmers and the agricultural sector. Featured speakers were Attorney Ben Sutter of Marshall Melhorn, Vice-President Aaron Moore of GenoaFinancial, 4R Advocate David Myerholtz of Myerholtz Family Farms, GenoaBank Vice-President Luke Sutter of Commercial Lending, and Justin Moore, VP Senior Lender and Risk Management.

“GenoaBank has been providing financial guidance to neighbors, families, farmers, community groups and small businesses since we opened in 1902,” said Sutter. “We believe a community empowered with financial knowledge will lead to better personal financial success and a stronger, more financially sound community.”

The workshop, which hosted more than 70 people, covered wealth planning and trust services, as well as value-added topics that included national and regional trends in farming.

“At GenoaBank, we are here to serve, partner, and battle the issue together. We took this challenge and turned it into an opportunity.” said Sutter. “We care for our communities and will continue to play our part.” GenoaBank launched the new Enviro-Line of Credit Program, which offers discounted financing available to provide nutrient stewardship using conservation easements and best management practices on agricultural land.

Farmers interested in integrating cover crops into their operation or are currently using conservation easements and would like to learn more about financing to get started, can contact GenoaBank for information about the Enviro-Line of Credit.

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