Glamorous ‘Big Horses’ are coming to Ottawa County Fair!

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The Ottawa County Fair is featuring two Six-Horse Hitch competitions at this year’s fair, as the impressive gentle giants take to the fairgrounds track on Friday and Sunday (July 23 and July 25). The competitions between the “Big Horses” both begin at 11 a.m.

Spectators will see and feel these gentle giants as they perform on the Ottawa County Fairgrounds track to compete in six, four, unicorn and cart classes. All three major breeds — Belgian, Percheron, and Clydesdales — will be represented.

The North American Six-Horse Hitch Classic Series has become the most prestigious draft horse event on the Continent. Thousands of spectators have cheered on the tremendous Draft Horse Hitches at venues such as Toronto’s Royal Winter Fair, the Washington International Horse Show, Kansas City’s American Royal, and the Eastern States Exposition in Massachusetts.

Six gleaming one-ton horses create a spectacle as they stomp into the arena as one, outfitted in patent leather and chrome harness pulling the historically restored freight wagons. Crowds can literally feel the earth tremble as the massive hitches pass by!

Each year, Six Horse hitches across the United States and Canada compete at state and county fairs, such as the Ottawa County Fair this week, and agricultural exhibitions to accumulate points for the Classic Series.

Close to 200 hitches travel within their region and beyond, competing at 60 qualifying shows throughout North America. The competition builds to a climax at the end of the series, when the four highest point hitches in each of three breed classifications are invited to compete for up to $100,000 in premiums in the North American Six-Horse Hitch Classic Series World Finals Championship finals.

The 2019-20 North American Six-Horse Hitch Classic Champion, Jackson Fork Percherons of Little Jackson Hole, Wyo., will be present and competing to qualify to compete and maintain their championship status.

Other hitches present on the Oak Harbor track will be Blue Ribbon Days of Farmington, Mo., (The Belles), A & C Belgians from Sherwood, Mich., M & R Belgians of Winchester, Ohio, Burger Barn Belgians from Ohsweken, Ontario. Joining them will be the local area hitches of Oak Haven Belgians, Hobby Hill Belgians, Kidd Me Knot Percherons, South Creek Clydesdales, and Olde Tyme Travel Clydesdales.

These are some of the best six horse hitches in North America and the Ottawa County Fair will be an amazing way to get an up close look at them and visit with these massive horses.

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