Go Bucks! Front license plates not needed in Ohio

Jul 8, 2020 | Around Ottawa County | 0 comments

Vehicle without front license plate

Few automobile owners will miss having a front license place, a necessity for years and now extinct this week, as legislation did away with the requirement.

Ohio lawmakers voted a couple of years ago to do away with the requirement that motor vehicles licensed in the Buckeye State needed a license plate on the front bumper. Last week, front license plates finally went away, although a rear license is still mandatory.

Few automobile owners will miss the front license plate, or the holes needing to be drilled in a new car to attach them. Car owners certainly won’t miss the $100 fine if you should happen to lose a front plate, or have it stolen.

Many vehicle owners will probably find a cute or clever replacement plate for cars that once had a front license plate. With 13.3 million front license plates eligible for the scrap pile, you can bet companies will be ramping up to replace them with plates for pro sports, as well as college and high school sports.

Go Bucks! will probably lead the way, followed in northern Ohio by Browns, Cavaliers and Indians plates. Expect a wide variety of fraternal organizations to also get on board.

Law enforcement agencies are reportedly not thrilled with the new law. Patrol officers develop the skill of reading a front license plate displayed on an oncoming vehicle, which is helpful when fighting crime.

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