Governor’s FishOhio Day hits a snag this summer on Lake Erie

Jul 1, 2020 | Ottawa Outdoors | 0 comments

Gov. Mike DeWine and his grandchildren enjoyed a very successful day of walleye fishing on Governor’s FishOhio Day in 2019. (Photo by D’Arcy Egan)

Gov. Mike DeWine has put his annual celebration of Lake Erie fishing on hold for this summer. The Governor’s Fish Ohio Day in Port Clinton had been planned for Tuesday, July 14, but its popularity with the media, legislators and local officials has become a big problem as the COVID-19 pandemic has made a resurgence in recent days around the Buckeye State.

Wearing face covering, social distancing, washing hands and avoiding crowds are all critical in keeping people safe. That includes Governor’s FishOhio Day, which features Lake Erie’s outstanding walleye fishing. With record-setting numbers of walleye swimming in Lake Erie, the special fishing day has lured a growing number of participants in recent years — more than can be safely handled during a short day of walleye fishing.

Ohio Department of Natural Resources officials are considering a late summer Governor’s FishOhio Day.

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