Health workers test 984 for Covid-19 at Put-in-Bay

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Commissioner Jerry Bingham, the Ottawa County Health Department (OCDH) and the Ohio National Guard teamed up to test 984 workers and a few residents at the Put-in-Bay Fire Department on Friday and Saturday in the Village of Put-in-Bay. Health officials are still waiting for results and other data.

“The testing program went well, wrapping up about 6:30 p.m. on Saturday,” said Bingham. “We’re required to let employers know if any employees have tested positive, especially those working in bars and restaurants.”

Bingham met with business owners to recommend stronger social distancing, and limiting the number of people allowed in a business.

Bingham and his staff were made aware of an establishment that was not in total compliance before they went to the island, and received a complaint once they got there of another business not in compliance.

“The majority of the businesses are cooperating, and want to do the right things,” said Bingham. “Many have closed until the results of the testing comes back.”

The OCDH testing was in answer to an outbreak of Covid-19 on the island two weeks ago. Put-in-Bay is a tourist destination, said Bingham, and requires special protocols to protect visitors.

“The Miller Ferry Lines and the Jet Express made very good decisions to require all of their passengers to wear a face covering,” he said. “That is a step in the right direction.”

People are being told that a mask won’t protect themselves, said Bingham. But if everyone is wearing a mask, they’ll be protecting each other. This is the time to do it, as cases surge all around Ohio.

“We’ve got to educate people as to why wearing a mask is helpful,” said Bingham.

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