Holiday Bureau continues its support with vouchers this year

Dec 9, 2020 | Around Ottawa County | 0 comments

The Port Clinton Unit of Ottawa County Holiday Bureau will be distributing food vouchers to those in need on Saturday, Dec. 19, serving approximately 250 families in Port Clinton, Bay Township, Erie Township and Portage Township.

In prior years, the Port Clinton Unit of Ottawa County Holiday Bureau has always depended on the community donations of food to serve our families. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 virus it will not be distributing food items this year, providing food vouchers only.

The Port Clinton Unit of Ottawa County Holiday Bureau does need community support. To give each family an average of just $40, we will need $10,000. As everyone knows, $40 does not go very far at the grocery store. If you have an idea that we can use as a fundraiser please contact us.

The most help we can get is a monetary donation. Your donation can be sent to: Ottawa County Holiday Bureau, Port Clinton Unit, P.O. Box 713, Port Clinton, Ohio 43452 or call Bonnie Kaspar, Chairman of the Port Clinton Unit, at 419-341-1470.

Any donation amount would be appreciated, said Kaspar, who wants to thank all those who have supported the Holiday Bureau in the past and will support us again in these trying times this year.

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