Hotrods, Roadsters and rumble seats spark interest on Independence Day

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Dee, left, and Bob Matecki of Port Clinton stand with their 29 Model A Roadster at the Port Clinton car show on Independence Day. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)


Among the convertibles and hotrods at the Classic Car, Truck & Cycle Show in Port Clinton on Independence Day was a 29 Model A Roadster with a rumble seat owned by Bob and Dee Matecki of Port Clinton. When Bob bought the car from a lifelong friend three years ago, he restored it to new condition.

“It’s mint,” Bob said. “My friend had it for 30 years and used to take it camping. I couldn’t do that now. I take it to Fremont car shows, but that’s it.”

Bob Kinsey of Oak Harbor restored this 1988 Chevy Blazer that he bought in 1997. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

Bob, a National Guard veteran and retired Toledo police officer, has several classic cars, including a 1951 Ford convertible and a 1950s Ford police car that was used in an Indiana Jones movie.

“I have seven other classic cars, but my Roadster is the oldest,” he said.

The car show was hosted by the City of Port Clinton and the Port Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce. Although registration was scheduled to begin at 2 p.m., about 73 cars had already registered by 1:45 p.m. Money raised at the event helped fund the city’s fireworks show.

The Port Clinton Car Show raised funds for the city’s fireworks display. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

On the other end of the car show, Bob Kinsey of Oak Harbor was showing a much more modern but equally classic car – a 1988 Chevy Blazer. He bought it in 1997, right after graduating from college. It was in the Blazer that he courted his wife, Cindy Kinsey. Although it held sentimental value to her, she was ready for him to scrap it after it sat untended for about 20 years.

“My wife said to get rid of it,” Bob said.

Then COVID shutdowns gave Bob the time to restore the aging beast.

“It was a COVID project,” he said. “I bought all kinds of sheet metal, and I bought rear fenders and a tailgate from a guy in New York.”

The car show drew dozens of cars and a large crowd of car fans. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

Now that the Blazer is all ablaze again, Cindy is glad it was never scrapped.

“When we first started dating, we would go out on dates in it,” she said. “It has a history with us.”

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