Hymore-Tester helps hair stylists, salons, spas reopen

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There will be a lot of new rules in place when Ohio reopens its barber shops, hair and nail salons and spas on Friday morning. Helping to shape the new style of Ohio’s shops has been Debbie Hymore-Tester, owner of CG Salon and Nail Bar in Port Clinton.

“When they were creating the advisory group to develop the new rules for the industry’s reopening, I reached out to Lt. Gov. John Husted to be appointed to it,” said Hymore-Tester, a former mayor of Port Clinton. “Gov. Mike DeWine’s office kept us on task, and helped get things organized.”

DeWine had said this phase of the state reopening had generated a lot of interest.

“I’m sure (the reopening) is good news for a lot of people who have been looking to get back, particularly in regard to their hair,” said DeWine. “I’ve heard a lot about that from a lot of people.”

Hymore-Tester and the retail and personal services task group provided recommendations that resulted in significant changes for the typical salon or spa experience.

“I felt the task group’s recommendations were very good,” said Hymore-Tester. “They were not a one size fits all types of recommendations, but allowed us a voice for businesses both small and large. The rules are designed for a salon that has one employee to chains of salons featuring nail salons, tanning beds and more.”

Hymore-Tester’s CG Salon and Nail Bar has a staff of five, each with an individual booth. It is a bit different than the open concept, she said. “We’re going to have to step up with a lot of sanitation, fewer customers in the shop and employees wearing masks. I hope everyone understands, because this is the new normal right now.”

According to the new rules, waiting areas will have restricted capacity, with markings for social distancing guidelines. There will be specific hours for customers who are among at-risk populations, such as the elderly and immunocompromised. Customers will probably have to wait outside for their appointments.

Customers won’t have magazines or self-serve beverages in the waiting area. Products are only to be handled by employees. Hand sanitizer will be available for employees and customers.

Employees will be required to do a symptom check each day, including checking temperatures for a fever. Customers will not be required to wear masks, but it is recommended.

“It is all about the safety of our clients and employees,” said Hymore-Tester. “Some employees might not be comfortable wearing gloves or masks, while others are, but we all want to go back to work, doing what we love.”

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