Ida Rupp, TAG team up to feature Local Author Fair on May 6

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Several local authors will gather again at the 2023 Local Author Fair at TAG on May 6. Shown here are authors, from left, Patrick Lawrence O’Keeffe, Emilia Rosa, R.J. Norgard, Tonya Sullivan and PJ Grondin. All but Sullivan will participate in the author fair


Literature and art will join hands at the 2023 Local Author Fair held at The Arts Garage (TAG) on Saturday, May 6 at 1:30 p.m. Nine authors will sell and sign their books amongst one of the area’s most creative venues. The event is hosted by the Greater Port Clinton Area Arts Council (PCAAC) and Ida Rupp Public Library. TAG is located at 317 W. Perry St. in Port Clinton.

Last year, the library hosted its own event and is looking forward to collaborating with the PCAAC for this spring’s author fair.

“We’re partnering with The Arts Garage. We had reached out to them and suggested we put both of our author fairs together,” said Ida Rupp Assistant Director Courtney McGrath. “It creates more opportunities for authors to participate. TAG is a great organization. We’ll be partnering with them again during our Summer Reading Program.”

The authors featured at the 2023 Local Author Fair are: Emilia Rosa, R.J. Norgard , Patrick Lawrence O’Keeffe, Alison Lanza Falls, Alexi Panehal, Joel D. Rudinger, Wendy Fedan, PJ Grondin and James Bollenbacher.

Rosa, of Huron, helped organize the event and is the author of “Finding Cristina: A New Life.” She shared this plot summary: “Now married and living in the United States, Cristina travels to Rio de Janeiro with her husband and son. Since their arrival on the ship, her husband finds himself the victim of inexplicable accidents.

In Rio, after a few days of blissful vacation, Cristina’s husband disappears without trace. In the quest to unveil the mystery of the disappearance, the tension in the story is lightened up by a few comical incidents. Will Cristina and her husband be reunited?”

The three Ottawa County authors also shared plot summaries.

“Road Kill” by Norgard: The second in his popular Alaska mystery series, “’Road Kill,’ pits down-on-his-luck P.I. Sidney Reed against a family of brutal meth dealers as he fights to defend a man accused of killing the son of a prominent Alaska Native leader. He is currently working on Winter Kill, the third book in the series.”

“Cold Air Return” by O’Keeffe: A coming-of-age novel for adults and is young-adult appropriate, “‘Cold Air Return’ takes place in the summer of 1960 in rural Pennsylvania. Twelve-year-old Eugene Ahern listens through an abandoned cold air return register to what the grownups are up to downstairs. Childhood falls away, displaced by a confusing and complex world where the adults try to keep control . . . Boys begin to evolve through adolescence, seeking to make sense of it all. But malice threatens to overwhelm innocence. Loyalties are put to the test. Hard realities challenge youthful well-being — and even their lives.”

Alison Lanza Falls will be available to sign her inspirational book, “Be Happy NOW!”, at the author fair.

“Be Happy NOW!: From Wall Street Ambition and the Illusion of Success, My Path to Happiness” by Lanza Falls: “One day in May, now almost 13 years ago, I started on a journey to

discover the inner wisdom inside of me — to learn more about myself, my purpose, and to start to experience important life lessons.

In my book, I share my experience of climbing the corporate ladder, the wake-up calls I ignored, and my personal journal entries and feelings which came together when I started my journey within to discover and experience universal life lessons. My hope is to inspire other people to realize true positive change is possible.”

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