Is it just me? 1-18-24

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So, my next question is why we cannot review the option of standardizing some daily-visited areas outside of our homes.

Why does every bathroom seem to have its own personality? First up is the soap dispensing game. Is it battery operated, and therefore you need to wave your hands wildly around it in order to dispense foam? There’s usually too little gel and hardly ever too much. Who is making these decisions? Sometimes the soap dispenser is broken, empty or just useless, so then after frantically trying to get soap, you see a store-purchased pump on the counter. Sometimes I do not catch on quickly, so the realization of a store pump being present takes time. Then on to the water which is still, at older gas stations, a manual on-and-off that dispenses in a measured amount and needs prompting over and over again.

Next up are the towels, air dryer or use of your pants when nothing is working. Air blowers are, of course, out there in many different styles, including the one made at the turn of the century that may take ten minutes to actually dry your hands and the one that blows your cooties all over the wall. This may be an area that is rarely, if ever, cleaned. The paper towel situation is the most confounding, as often the portion is so measured that you need to wave your hands for two or three more towels. Who thinks four inches of toweling will be enough? Is there an accountant somewhere who thinks these four inches will save money somehow? When it is not automatic then, oops, you have to touch a surface with your clean hands. How did we survive this for so many years?

After 45 years of hospitality work in management and five years interning in various positions, the bathroom standard operating procedures are a puzzlement.

Now on to our cars. We had our battery go down while it was parked in airlines parking in Detroit. Our dashboards are so helpful -LOL – as I know the problem, but the dashboard starts flashing “all-wheel drive system is out of order” and “airbags are out of order” and more silly messages.

We scramble for the manual in the car to see if somehow this is a problem relative to where the shifter is or some other human error. Now I wonder, would it not just make sense for the dash message to say “car battery is low” instead of the messages that sent us both arguing with each other about what to do.

How about buying lettuce? Does there really have to be 57 choices that we have to peruse in order to make a purchase? I see people at the produce area who you can tell are just as confounded, and you see the smoke coming out of their ears as they try to process all the choices.

I have more coming your way soon, so buckle in for the ride. IS IT JUST ME times keep coming.

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