Is it Just Me? 11-9-23

Nov 7, 2023 | Sound Off | 2 comments


So onward we go, facing life’s simple challenges.

Just to make clear I am not in the throws of dementia or any other ailment, and just simply mindless at times and in my own world, I hope you relate to the following and perhaps chuckle.

Some of these misadventures I have immersed myself in before even in my 40’s. So yes they are reoccurring. And for me, head shaking experiences.

Have you ever rushed out to your garage seemingly on an urgent mission, your mind running in multiple directions and then suddenly hit the proverbial brakes as you realize and ask yourself “what the heck I am doing here?”

Yup, indeed. And as you pause and stand there — luckily with no one else around — you wonder and dig deep into your hard drive and wait for the answer. Then, as you head back into the house, suddenly like a thunderbolt, it comes to you! The why! Though sometimes the recollection of the mission and its urgency does not emerge until later in the day.

How many of you have swung open your refrigerator doors (we have French doors on our frig) and gazed in knowing there was a reason for this activity. But what was it? Then after some time with cool air enveloping you and your mind working hard, it suddenly comes to you. This particular incident happened twice to me in the last two weeks. But there are many more important challenges people face every day, so my refrigerator black out is hardly a big deal.

The funniest of all is “The Cell Phone Search.” How many times a day do I look for this beast, the cell phone. “Where is my cell?” I call to my wife. She asks if she should call it. Yes, I reply. And after circling the house, and search my car, my phone tucked neatly under my left arm starts ringing, a way for me to remember to take it with me. Indeed this is not the first time I have done this and I am sure it will not be the last.

To reassure readers I am at least partly possessing strength of mind, I can recite the fist growths of Bordeaux wine, discuss the relative differences between French Chardonnay and California, and further discuss why French champagne is vastly superior to most sparkling wines grown in the rest of the world.

I figure as long as I can do that, I still am in the wine connoisseur game. Having watched The Blue Zones on Netflix, I will share that having that group for socializing is a very important chapter in the lives of octogenarians. My best friend is my wife, but the banter at our fitness center is just adding the icing on the socialization and mind melding cake.

My advice today is be gracious to those around you, though this is hard advice to follow at times.

I hope to do this more tomorrow. As tomorrow is another day to get up and face it!

A Votre Sante, more stories to come…


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  1. Ginnie

    So funny and so true!

  2. Brad Meek

    Or when you are driving and you miss your exit because you forgot where you were going? 😂 I’m with you Mike!!!


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