Is it just me? 2-29-24

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Why is it that no matter where I set up office, temporary or otherwise, that I end up surrounded by piles of paper, cut-out articles, notes, files and notebooks supposedly helping me organize? Was I born this way, or was it part of the legacy of my dad? My dad made voracious use of Post-it notes and kept a downstairs office full of piles. Now just to be clear, I have been in some offices that were worse than mine, but nonetheless, when I walk into someone’s office that is so stealth, I wonder what happened to me. Most times I can find what I need, but lately it seems to take longer. I am very certain I am not a hoarder, but this does worry me at times. I keep saying, as an excuse for keeping things, that “you never know” when you might need this dubious trinket, tool or indescribable widget, for lack of a better word.

In America, we love choices, but we have created our own literal cornfield maze of finding that special ice cream, wine, pasta, mustard – or whatever it may be – that could be the one. You almost need a concierge shopper now to help to bring into focus what you have been searching for. For example, in the world of wine, I could proudly say I knew of most of the top producers in Napa-Sonoma viticultural areas back in the 90’s. Now, every day it seems someone new enters the market as the newest iconic producer. It really is impossible to keep on top of this just one category of consumer goods. What can be said except to sit back and enjoy the ride and the fun of culinary exploration.

The auto rewind songs in my head this time are Neil Diamond and his song “I Am I Said” and another long ago hit by Glenn Campbell, “Rhinestone Cowboy.”

So final thoughts are …

Of all the hundreds of stations available on cable TV, does anyone else just use maybe less than ten of them? I think it must be time for a change, as we have dumped enough money into the coffers of Spectrum… right!!!

When will all this end, or is it just the beginning of Paramount+, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple +? And will we have to pay for every sport or game we want to watch directly to the university or pro franchise? Is this where we are headed?

Have a super day in Ottawa County!!

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