Is it just me? 2-8-24

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My age and background allowed for, in my teenage years, an earful of Motown music. My clock radio – a really sort of ahead-of-time set up – allowed that you could read the clock in the dark, as the clock arms had fluorescent tips. This device – made in Japan as I remember – had an adjustable reading lamp, radio with AM/FM and a first-generation snooze alarm for getting up for school and paper route. So, anyway, I would wake up every morning to the sound of Motown through CKLW AM or WKNR Keener 13 FM radio. I heard songs from Al Green, Isaac Hayes, The Stylistics, The Pointer Sisters, the Supremes and many others.

So this past week, the song stuck in my head was none other than “Shaft,” a classic for sure with a breakthrough movie starring Richard Roundtree as a cop. This and the other song rewinding was “Break Up to Make Up” over and over again. Note, 48 years ago, I thought the refrain in the song was “Wake Up to Break Up.” The joke is on me, but maybe in my mind, I will just continue with my version of the Stylistics hit song. Speaking of Motown, how about Little Anthony and the Imperials song, “Tears on my Pillow.” Anthony never understood why this song was so popular, and yet it was their longest-lasting hit. Their greatest hits album was the first album of R&R I had, along with the Beatles Rubber Soul.

So how about, once again, the health industry and that special moment when they ask your height and weight and then put you on a scale in the winter when you have 50 pounds of clothes on? If you are like me, you are aghast that they recorded some obnoxious number on your chart.

Travel time – how about those airplane snacks? Can you, or do you, believe that they can make them any smaller? And where in the world are these packages assembled? There must be more cost in the box and for shipping than the cost of this 12-lackluster piece of something that is supposed to resemble food. It’s a laughable example of food, certainly lacking any nutrition, and most of the labeled ingredients are multisyllable chemicals somehow molded into shapes of literally nothingness. I mean, why bother? Just give us a beverage and call it a day. I take note of this while shopping. We in the U.S. must consume an amazing amount of snacks because all gas station aisles are literally filled with hundreds of specimens of nonfood items.

Once again, because it just really is a “Is it just me moment,” when did so many decide, if you attend a ballgame or movie or concert, that whatever you order or purchase – that you finish or not – that you can just leave your trash on the seat next to you or on the floor or ground, where you just camped your rear end? I mean, really, why not just dispose of it properly?

Oh well. IS IT JUST ME? See you again soon.

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