Is it JUST ME?

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Why is it so hard to get an outdoor chair cover? Having attempted to get just the one I have now has been difficult. I struck out twice and have had to crawl back to returns at two different stores. Maybe it is that there are so many shapes of outdoor furniture, but, regardless, our last resort is to go online and see how this might work. All we want to do is cover some chairs. And has anyone noticed how dirty outdoor decks and chairs seem to get, let alone the siding on your house that seems to get dirtier faster than ever? So enough of this. Let’s move on.

How about all the transaction and or service fees added to everything? I just wonder – why not just raise prices to absorb these? Will this work or not? I cannot pretend to know, but especially at a restaurant, does this roll up the tip? Maybe this is the most honest way to present the problem of increased credit card fees, but what is next? Maybe we will need to pay for restroom visits or length of dining stays or the mortgage rate increases, and so now we need to pay more for this in a check as a line item? Is there not a bit of irony that you pay a transaction fee of say 2.5 %, and then your credit card offers the same percentage bonus for using your card while dining? Enough on this. Let us move on!

Does it seem as though Ranch seasoning or dressing is headed towards being an ingredient in everything, as I read recently that it now appears in desserts?!?! And speaking of All American food, four states are banning Oreos, Lucky Charms and Cheetos for containing food colorings that can cause many kinds of maladies. I think it was obvious that maybe these foods( ???) would or could be a problem. Why not just clear them off the shelves and move on to real food like veggies from Shared Legacy Farms or Farmer Jones.

Lastly, have billboards finally reached the apex of driver distraction, especially those on Route 250 that seem to have a Las Vegas kind of personality? Is it really necessary that they rotate between messages? All the neon is just frankly creating distractions that maybe are worse than using your cell phone. When I was growing up, the driver distraction issue was the radio, which it was felt by some would create catastrophes, one after another.

Sorry to say Barry Manilow is back in my head. Oh well, rewind again!

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