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Good day to all!! So, we are in the thick of yard care season. If the rain would let up for a minute, maybe weeding will give us all a break. So admittedly, I am not a purebred mechanically-minded person, but can we talk about string trimmers for a bit? I have two -one at my wife’s cottage in Michigan and one at home. Dave and Jeff from Bill’s Implements have patiently showed me how to reload the one at home. Ah, yes, and yet I fail in the reload mission. The string gets twisted and will not pop out, so I have to take the head off and rewind while I curse and use unwritable words at this inanimate tool that, by the way, is supposed to make life, my life, easier. Laughable in my world is the word easy. So, as much as I am sure there is that weed whip out there that will not whip me, I have yet to find it. Yes, even the ones that load themselves. Alas, I am cursed.

Guys one and all, I am sure, at least older – let’s say mature guys – can relate to this directive-question: “Do you know your pants are not zipped?” Now in fairness to men, women do not have to zip that special area, so I am not sure what the female equivalent is since the invention of 24-hour yoga pants, but I am sure there might be one. For now, let’s just agree this is a bigger problem for me as every month goes by. What auto response is slowly dying inside me as I admit it is? What will be next on the list of questions I must address before going out in public? I am not sure, but to say I am ready would be misdirected.

How about this hybrid car extra tax that you have to pay because you are trying to do the right thing and stop using so much gas, and guess what? You have to pay the extra hybrid tax when you get your license plates. It seems you have to pay it as a consequence of trying to do good because the roads still need maintenance.

Now on to our pets. Is it not amazing, or at least to me it is, that we have our dog able to go almost on command before going to bed or if we are going out, and yet for me, when I need the “head,” I need it. Ah yes, an irony to ponder but not for long, as when I get up at 2 a.m., I am up for only one reason. It is my shrinking bladder or the oncoming problem of the dreaded prostrate.

So, lock on this, as I have. I cannot rid my brain of the song by Bread, that slow song band from the 70’s and 80’s, titled “It Don’t Matter to Me.” I have to admit that their album, that I had, was for me a master list of songs all capturing the teenage/young adult years of chasing someone special.

One final question “Why do I have so much hair growing out of my ear?”

See you around Ottawa County!

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