IS IT JUST ME? 4-4-24

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Do you think we are overstimulated by political ads coming from so many directions? I think so, and it makes me wonder what is next, who is coming, and how do we decide, like the analogy of 50 different mustards, what is the right mustard for us now? There is much to ponder for sure and so many trip hazards for us and them. Who will be in charge, and why this need to be the one and be right??? It’s so hard and fast. I am reading about Abe Lincoln right now, and are you ready for this? So much is the same, such as what he had to do to build a coalition for his election, and then post-election, how he had to build his cabinet, and mostly the WHY he had to insert into every decision. This really causes me to shake my head and ponder the saying, “So much has changed, and yet so much is the same.” Notice no names or political preferences mentioned in the above.

Now on to whose time is more valuable, yours or the person (a doctor this time?) you are waiting to see? We waited one hour in an office the other day. Not only this, but we had to sit on chairs that probably came from Abe Lincoln’s office (reference to above). Now, I have just had open heart surgery and am trying to maintain my blood pressure, and quite honestly, this did not help my heart or my bottom.

Have you had to weed any beds already this spring? Well, I had to dig out three pickle buckets worth of perennial weeds 2 weeks ago. So I am just wondering, ‘Oh boy, what kind of year are we going to have with me on my knees fighting arthritis every moment?’ Or better yet, how quickly will wine happy hour have to start this year?

Now lastly on to the song/concert stuck in my head. Now it is Frank and the song Chicago which I have since found out there are at least two versions of in Pandora Land. I am still living with Neil Diamond in my head on occasion and my wife informs me “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head” is her auto repeat song of the week. Let’s hope for the best.

See you around Ottawa!!

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