Is it Just Me? 5-16-24

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I wonder if it is age, recent surgery, years of hard work, or yes, inevitably hard play, but why is it so hard to find something you are looking for, pick that something up, or let something go?

I seem to have a mental image of where I last saw something or, if it was a note, what color of paper or what notebook it was on or in, and lastly knowing we are going on a trip that I packed that needed something really for sure!! But, alas, where is the item, note or packed item? Nowhere but somewhere in my determined recollection.

On the topic of letting something go, it is just frustrating to be 100% sure of the answer to a question, and yet when found wrong, I still search for an exception or an alternative to the Googled answer. I know you are thinking that I just do not like to be wrong. LOL

I like to make lists to make sure that when I go out on errands, I accomplish my mission. Alas, but do I use the list? 50% of time the answer is NO!!

On the topic of aging, does it seem to be a little bit harder to bend over or turn your head directionally to see something? Also, it is clear to me now that having the right shoes for walking, running or just getting around is more important than ever. A change in maker, style, cushioning, etc., and this just throws my lower body physics totally off and really creates painful joints, muscles, etc.

It just seems so sudden that many of the above maladies or frustrations are occurring. One day, as I remember, I was exceptionally in a decent flexible way, and now movements without pain are the exception, not the rule.

I hope you have a pain-free day, as this might be as good as it gets, and relative to other hard stories certainly out there, it is reason to celebrate.

See you around Ottawa County!!

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