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The internet gives you everything you may need. Right! I am old school. I print a lot what’s on the internet because I am just wired that way.

So, for recipes sometimes I go on line to get a general guideline or basic roadmap to follow, and I often print it. Then, using my unique haphazard filling system, I carefully tuck it away into a pile — and mind you not an organized pile.

Yes, I also create my own recipes and have them in my laptop to review later. So, on we go to the moment I needed a handwritten recipe which, unfortunately, might have been in five different places in a file or a pile and, yes, that falls under the category of whether will I ever learn how to manage my desk? Nope! Too late!

Great times are coming at the gas pumps. Ah, yes, when the wind is howling and maybe snow is falling and you have to answer the important quest. Are you a gas pump member? Then enter your loyalty number while you hope all the buttons work.

Your hands are getting numb, and then you stick in the card which takes time to read. Colder times are coming because finally you take the card out and — Oh, I forgot that you have to determine the level of discount you want, not just one choice but equal to and up to 20 cents — you now have to pick a number between 1 and 20 and, of course, hit enter.

Then you wait to finally pick what type of gas you want. Then you wait for the pump to wake up as you hit the trigger on the handle of the pump, and you hit it again and again and again.

Now, finally, you can get gas!

Really, I am not sure how long all this takes, but when you have had a bad day or it is super cold, this transaction seems to need some tweaking.

I would like to say here and now this process was programmed by a male, because no way would the females I know have engineered this process.

Squirrels are smart and kind of like the playground bullies. I mean they are to our dog for sure. They know he has invisible fence and they know exactly how far he can roam. So with this strategic knowledge they hang upside down in the tree line, just outside of invisible fencing, with tails wagging back and forth and humming that strange squirrel noise they make. Meanwhile, our dog is going ballistic and what a day it is!

More coming and even better, so sit down and join in the fun at our own expense.

A Votre Sante,

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