Is It Just Me? Technology Speed Bumps

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So, here we go again! Maybe we can explore the why of let’s say “technology,” and its attributes or, as I call them, speed bumps.

So, I thought my next three examples of “Is it just me?” would come with headings.

So, if you are not interested in the heading in the storyline you can skip ahead.

No. 1: Let’s call this My Chart, my version

So if you visit most doctors in our area you now need to sign up for and engage in “My Chart.” My guess is, this initially was a common platform for all doctors, whether specialists or your primary physician, to engage with for your past medical and family backgrounds, or tendencies with respect to illness.

So I admit medical histories and medications can change from one check to the next, but some situations are static.

Like you review surgeries from your past. Say, for instance, you had foot surgery to remove some bone spur. This does not change. Right?

It happened, and it was verbally reviewed and entered in MY CHART. So the list of questions I have is, why then do you have to repeat this surgery situation again and again at various appointments.

My second question is why, if two offices seem to be in the same MY CHART software system, I have to create two user names and passwords. I am probably too simple minded to understand, but you’d think this security protection for one office would cross over or integrate into the next office because, yes, they both use MY CHART and are operating in the same hospital system.

No. 2: Auto Rewinding and Barry Manilow

So periodically I get a song stuck in my head. This song rewinds and rewinds as if que’d up and stuck. So the last song that I have been plagued with is “I write the Song” by Barry Manilow. I admit this may not be the name of the song, but it is the words I hear over and over again.

Just to clarify, I am not really a fan, but I think on CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley that Mr. Manilow was in one of the segments, and then dutifully for over two weeks my brain fastened onto this song. Therefore, at random moments during the day there he is, live in my head.

Prior to this the tune was “My Everything” by Barry White, over and over again. I can’t really try to delete this music from my brain hard drive. It just come and goes. And now I laugh as some of you will follow the yellow brick road to Barry Manilow land!

No. 3: Post Covid return to normal?

So Covid did temporarily accomplish one thing indeed. Cleaning & sanitizing became a focus and, yes, during the two-plus years even as I observed more men were washing their hands after using the restroom. Just to clarify, I am not spying in bathrooms, but my anecdotal survey is as observed in restrooms in airports mostly.

Flash forward now to 2023, and in my opinion, cleaning has started to take a backseat again in some noted cases. Men — yes men — are breaking the habit of washing hands with soap, maybe not in great numbers, but anecdotally I see more heading right past the sinks.

To the many folks who clean America everywhere, I know you are working hard and generally do not have enough help. Some of us try to help, but more is needed. How about throwing out your unused food and beverage containers when you attend a movie or sporting event? This is our job! Shame on you if you just leave your single use cups on the ground by your seat.

Happy Holiday Port Clinton!

This is the time we gather for great parties and times. Thanks to all of our county workers and leadership for all you do to make Ottawa County a great place to live!

A Votre Sante

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  1. Scott Gresser

    If you want to get a song out of your mind Mike, turn on the radio or your favorite resource for music, and after you hear a song you like, shut it off your player or radio the second the song is done. And yes Ottawa County is the best county.

  2. Thomas Schmidt

    Score 10. You nailed it. On all three!


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