Is it just me?

Oct 25, 2023 | Sound Off | 1 comment


So I am recently retired and mostly happy to be so. My wife and I certainly are lucky enough to have put together a retirement life after 46 years of working.

Now as empty nesters, I am anticipating some great years with my wife, daughter and grandkids. My wife and I both worked very hard to get here, and along the way have had our share of challenges to do so, but more on this later.

For now I want share are some “Is it just me moments.” Hopefully some of you in Beacon Land can share in the pain, laughter and absurdity of them, so here we go!

So after searching for my ear buds, which I use on occasion at the fitness center, they were nowhere to be found. Even after telling my friend Mark that I thought I left them at the fitness center, I instead resorted to scouring my car several times on my knees, assuming various yoga positions to see under the seats.

Pursuing the ear buds in our bedroom, on the boat and in many odd places too numerous to mention, low and behold, there they were! In my truck, right next me as I was travelling from place to place all along!

So I wasted a couple of hours and stressed myself out. The ear buds were not something, given how much they cost, that I wanted to admit I lost. Alas, and they were right in front of me and yet so hard to see.

That same day, I also was searching for a pair of pliers that were used often but had now escaped me. I again scoured my universe, in particular looking where I had last seen them. Then doing full recon and repeating these same steps again on the same day.

The pliers have bright blue handles so they are very hard to miss.

But yes, low and behold there they were on the floor right where I thought they must be. And so now I wonder what within the deep reaches of my brain must create the ultimate abyss of blind spots to make these foraging episodes occur with, alas, some unfortunate frequency.

So onward we go into the next few weeks and I hope to share some new “Is it just me moments?” and other miscellaneous events of note.

These special moments are just a reminder that you need to able to laugh at yourself. Sit back and just accept the challenges as they come.

To your good health and humor. See you around Ottawa, the best county in the state of Ohio!!

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  1. Scott Gresser

    Very true on all points Mike. Hope all is well. Enjoy retirement.


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