It’s time to stock your ponds!

Sep 7, 2022 | Ottawa Outdoors | 0 comments

Area pond owners have the opportunity to stock their ponds with fish through the Ottawa Soil and Water Conservation Fish Sale Program, a convenient and low-cost way to stock or add to your current fish population.

Fish orders will be accepted until Friday, Oct. 7. Fender’s Fish Hatchery will bring their tank truck, with aerator, on Thursday, Oct. 13 from 1-3 p.m. to the SWCD office in Oak Harbor to distribute the fish orders.

This year, customers can order online at Individuals who order fish will be notified, reminding them of the pick-up time and date. You will need to bring your own container filled with pond water. A trash container (with a plastic trash liner) serves as an ideal container. A 5-10 gallon clean can is adequate for 100 fish.

For more info or an order form call 419-898-1595 or email

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