Jim Tressel shared some of his reasons for success

Mar 21, 2019 | Schools, Featured | 0 comments

Jim Tressel at Port Clinton High School

president of Youngstown State University and former head coach of the national champion Ohio State University football team, Jim Tressel shared some of his reasons for success with a packed house of Port Clinton High School students on Friday. Tressel asked students to take notes on their smart phones during his presentation, telling them they needed to plan, work, handle adversity and believe in success. Find friends with similar goals who will tell you the truth, said Tressel. Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future. Get involved. The people most involved go on to reach their potential. Make good financial decisions. Determine what you really need versus what you want. (Photos by Jan Gluth)

Jim Tressel and Tiffany Strobel at PCHS

Making sure Jim Tressel stayed connected during his early morning pre-school talk with Port Clinton High School students was senior Tiffany Strobel. She was the keeper of Tressel’s personal smart phone while he spoke to the students, making sure it was always close at hand.

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