Kings, queens and Firecrackers Cuties

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Charlie Tingley-Cook, left, and his sister, Paris Tingley, were all smiles at the Firecracker Cuties pageant. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)


Each Independence Day, Port Clinton shows off the cutest fireworks in the county when it hosts the Firecracker Cuties pageant, a fun beauty contest for all ages from any town that raises funds for the city’s annual fireworks display. This year, the pageant’s youngest contestant was a newborn.

Five-month-old Emilia Krebs came to the contest with her mother, Ashley Sanders, who competed in the adult category last year. Since she was too busy giving baby snuggles to compete this year, she entered Emilia instead. Emilia, who could fit inside a pageant crown, wowed the judges.

Ashley Sanders hold her five-month-old daughter, Emilia Krebs, the youngest contestant in the Firecracker Cuties pageant. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

“I had such a good time last year doing this, so I brought Emilia,” Sanders said.

It had been a few years since fifteen-year-old Jasmyne Silverwood had entered a pageant, and she was ready to try it again. She was crowned Grand Supreme Jr. Queen.

“I just love competition,” Silverwood said. “I did these when I was little, and I loved it so much.”

This little girl proves there is a reason it’s called the Firecracker Cuties pageant. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

Six-year-old Paris Tingley said the pageant was fun, and she was looking forward to seeing fireworks later that night, making her a firecracker cutie fireworks watcher. Her brother, four-year-old Charlie Tingley-Cook, worked the judges with his big smile and sparkling personality. As a Yahtzee expert, his skills, too, impressed the judges.

“And I like to swim in the water,” he said.

Charlie was named Grand Supreme King.

Heather Schenck served as pageant director, and Miss America’s Miss Buckeye State Kalli Gregory was the event’s emcee for the event, which was held at Trinitiy United Methodist Church. Schenck also served as a judge, where she looked for a well-rounded personality in the contestants. Seven-year-old Carolyn Pickens impressed the judges when she talked about her fun and unique hobby – she likes catching bugs, especially bees.

“I like bugs because they’re pretty,” she said. “My favorites are lightning bugs.”

The Firecracker Cuties pageant raised funds for Port Clinton’s fireworks display. (Photy by Sheri Trusty)

Pickens uses grabbers to catch bees.

“I catch bees because it’s cool,” she said.

The other winners in the Firecracker Cuties pageant were:

  • Elite Supreme Queen: Kinslee Bowen
  • 2024 Grand Supreme Queen: Miley Anne Smith
  • Grand Supreme Princess: Laken Cramer
  • Grand Supreme Mini Princess: Olivia Gonzales
  • Grand Supreme Mini Queen: Gracely Love.

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