Kyle Auxter has been installing volleyball nets at Lakeview Park for nearly 40 years

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Kyle Auxter has been gifting volleyball nets to the city at Lakeview Park for nearly four decades. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)


Back in 1986, Kyle Auxter wanted to find a way to play volleyball closer to his Oak St. home, so he built a volleyball net and sunk it into the sand at nearby Lakeview Park. The net was within sight of his home and just a few feet from the Lake Erie shoreline. Now, nearly four decades later, he still sinks a net into the sand every summer.

Through the years, thousands of people have enjoyed Auxter’s gift to the city.

“I built it back in 1986 and donated it to the city,” he said.

Early each summer, Auxter cleans, repairs and paints the frame, and, when needed, the city provides a fresh net. The frame is set into three-foot metal wagon wheels, and installing it into the beach isn’t easy. His brothers or sister help when they are available, but Auxter usually installs it by himself.

“It’s a two-hour process,” he said. “Then anyone who wants to play can bring their own ball.”

Before his mother passed away, she enjoyed watching people play volleyball on the net her son built. Auxter still places the net in the same place in honor of his mom.

“We started putting it there so she could see it from her front porch,” he said.

But it all started back in 1986, when Auxter was looking for a way to make his own fun.

“We lived a half a block from the beach, so I was always swimming or boating, and I wanted to play volleyball there,” he said. “My dad taught us how to build things and do things yourself. If you wanted something, you worked for it.”


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