Lagersmith Can Supply breaks ground on new location in Fremont

Oct 25, 2023 | Business | 1 comment

Lagersmith Can Supply Company in Minnesota has expanded their business, breaking ground on its new 25,000-square foot warehouse and production facility in Bark Creek Industrial Park in Fremont

FREMONT – Lagersmith Can Supply Company, a canning company headquartered in Minnesota, has expanded their business, and is constructing a 25,000 square foot warehouse and production facility in Bark Creek Industrial Park, Fremont. Lagersmith will create over 20 new jobs in a three-year period.

Lagersmith will be investing $10 million in construction including the purchase equipment and machinery for its new facility. They are partnering with Janotta & Herner as the general contractor for the project. The groundbreaking was held Thursday, Oct. 12, and the facility is planned to be fully operational in early 2024.

Lagersmith’s next generation technology will digitally print on aluminum cans and will be monumental in transforming the beverage industry. Their typical customers have products such as beer, sodas, teas, kombuchas, and ready-to-drink cocktails.

“The city of Fremont is excited to welcome Lagersmith to our community. ,” said Fremont City Mayor Daniel Sanchez. “We continue to make Fremont an attractive place to do business and are very happy Lagersmith chose to invest in our community.”

“I’m proud of our team’s work that made this production facility a possibility.  I hope it provides a great service to the beverage industry, and prosperous job opportunities for decades to come,” said Nathan Smith, founder of Lagersmith. The company strives to be a market leader in sustainable single-use package options.

Currently, many beverage brands rely on a plastic label or shrink sleeve to decorate their aluminum cans. This facility will eliminate that need, thus reducing waste by saving 250 tons of plastic from ending up in landfills. Founded in 2012 as a mobile bottling company, Lagersmith has continued to grow by evolving within the ever-changing beverage industry. Starting as a single-operator company serving local craft breweries, Smith adapted to the needs of his customers.

“Through fervent service, fair trade, and responsible investments in the business, Lagersmith has become a company capable of serving the needs of all beverage companies – from startups to national brands,” said Smith.

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  1. Scott Gresser

    It’s amazing what I see happening in Erie and Sandusky counties that I never see in Ottawa County. And nobody seems to ask why.


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