Lake Erie calming down, walleye and perch fishing patterns to change

Sep 4, 2019 | Ottawa Outdoors | 0 comments

Lake Erie is expected to calm down this week, and begin to cool off as autumn arrives around the Lake Erie Islands. That should help to kick off the fall bite for walleye and yellow perch.

By Mark Cahlik

There had not been much of a change this week in the Lake Erie fishing. High winds have made the fishing a little on the rough side in recent days. Since it has been pretty windy, hopefully this will mean that the temperatures are going to be cooling down.

Walleye fishing has been best at the dumping grounds at Cedar Point, especially for those that are choosing to troll. The water will not get riled up as much there and there are plenty of bait fish to be found in this area. Tru-Trip diving planers and spoons are still the best combination for rounding up a nice catch of walleye.

Set your Tru-Trip diving planers about 80 to a 100 feet behind the boat. Bandit diving plugs are also working well now. Anglers have been setting the Bandits at 60 to 90 feet back.

Anglers should concentrate on the deepest edges around the Lake Erie Islands if they are looking to get some yellow perch. You can use either a perch or crappie rig. Try these rigs at different depths as well. Some good-sized catches of perch have come in, fish that were caught at the southeast corner of Kelly’s Island. Don’t be afraid to fish a couple inches off the bottom with your spreaders or crappie rigs.

Also, don’t worry too much about looking for fish on your fish finders. Instead, look for nice sized groups of bait. Chances are you will get into some perch by doing this.

There has been good news this week for those who love to fish for catfish. Big catches are being caught off the railroad bridge in Sandusky Bay. Most of these catches are in the 10-pound-plus range. The secret to catching these catfish is fresh raw shrimp.

This will be a busy week of fishing around Lake Erie so, as always, be mindful of the other boaters and anglers you are sharing the lake with. Hopefully, the cooler water temperatures will begin to arrive this week and will bring better catches of yellow perch, walleye, smallmouth bass and catfish.

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