Lake Erie walleye fishing is back on track

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Walleye fishing is back on track. Whether you have been relying on casting or trolling techniques, the fishing has gotten easier over the last week.

Casters have reported excellent catches on a line from D Can to A Can along the Camp Perry Firing Zone. The most productive waters have been on the north side of the zone, where the water gets a little deeper.

The same mayfly-style spinner rigs still apply, using a one-ounce weight with them. The walleye have been at variable depths, but where ever you mark them on your sonar, fish them.

As the next few weeks go by, the fishing will get easier with the mayfly hatch being almost done. Some casters have also reported good catches out by Crib Reef, Niagara Reef and Cone Reef, with the fish holding up in the rocks.

Trollers have been catching walleye in two different areas. The first location is west of Rattlesnake Island, on a line to Niagara Reef. The best methods that are being used in this spot is crank baits set at 80 to 100 feet back. The next spot, which has been the number one spot, is way out east of the Lake Erie Islands at the weather buoy, on the Canadian line just north of Vermillion.

Tru-Trip diving planers and spoons set at 80 to 100 feet back have proven to be best there.

Limit catches have been coming from west of the Lake Erie Islands, but it has taken time to catch them. Charters that are out of West Harbor have been going here, but it has taken more time to get there than it has to catch the fish. It is a 26- to 27-mile mile run out of West Harbor. Fishing there has been excellent with many average-sized walleye being caught.

Catfishing has remained outstanding in Sandusky Bay. Just the other day a box of catfish came into Bay’s Edge Fish Cleaning that weighed over 200 pounds. Those catfish were caught off a boat near the Edison Bridge. The best catfish baits remain to be chicken livers or raw shrimp. Catfishing has become more popular, and we have been seeing more and more catches being brought to the fish cleaning house.

With the holiday arriving, we have seen more tourists rolling in. Some of these tourists have been largemouth bass fishing. West Harbor and the southwest corner of Kelleys Island have been productive. Swim baits and shallow-running diving plugs have been best.

The second half of the fishing season should be just as good as the first half. So until next week, be safe, and take a kid fishing.

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