Lake Erie walleye poachers fined $9,360 in Ashtabula

Oct 2, 2019 | Ottawa Outdoors | 0 comments

A group of West Virginia anglers made a big mistake in keeping 99 walleye over their daily legals limits this summer. The six men were convicted in Ashtabula Municipal Court recently, which fined them $9,360, according to the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

A surveillance operation by state wildlife officers uncovered “double-tripping” activity as well as fish being passed from one boat to another on the water. The anglers would catch their daily bag limits of walleye and then return to the lake the same day and unlawfully catch a second limit of walleye. The anglers also used different boat ramps every day to prevent detection by officers.

Their Ohio fishing licenses were revoked for three years, which would result in a loss of fishing rights in 46 other states. All fish from the case were forfeited to the state and to be donated to charitable causes.

The Division of Wildlife encourages anyone who is aware of a possible violation of wildlife laws to call or text the Turn In a Poacher line at 1-800-POACHER or to submit information online at All information received by the TIP program is confidential.

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