‘Let me tell you a little about ME’ at Immaculate Conception School

Sep 18, 2019 | Schools | 0 comments

Xavier Good shows his ICS classmates his treasured coin collection that was in his ME Bag.

Reef Hilton had a very special photograph of his family in his ME Bag.

Now that summer vacation has ended, the bells have rung and the books have been opened at Immaculate Conception School. The school year is off to a wonderful start as ICS begins another incredible year of giving wisdom to the little ones of the Port Clinton community.

Second grade Teacher Penny Boyd provided her class with the opportunity this week to tell classmates a little more about themselves. The students filled “ME” bags with special things each student felt told something about themselves.

Among the “ME” bag treasurers were pictures of friends and family, favorite stuffed animals, souvenirs from vacations, favorite toys, favorite books and special gifts from special people.

With help from the excellent staff, it is going to be a another wonderful year to be an ICS Eagle! For more information about ICS, call 419-734-3315.

Emma Gordon shared her dance uniform in her ME Bag, and explained to her classmates why she had love of dance.

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