Liberty Museum swaps hot shot helicopters for vintage Ford Tri-Motor rides

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The classic Ford Tri-Motor will return to the area on this weekend, with rides at the Liberty Aviation Museum on Aug. 2-3 and Put-in-Bay Airport on Aug. 4-5.

If local homeowners heard lots of thump-thump-thump sounds last weekend, blame it on the Huey and Cobra helicopter rides all weekend long at the Liberty Aviation Museum. (Photo by Kathy Jo Schweitzer)

Recall the energy, passion and excitement of the roaring ‘20s by flying aboard the Ford Tri-Motor airplane this weekend, as the vintage aircraft flies into the Port Clinton and Put-in-Bay airports to provide tours of the countryside and Lake Erie.

The Ford Tri-Motor Tour is following last weekend’s rides in Huey and Cobra military helicopters, a common sight and sound along the Lake Erie shoreline. The trio of helicopters headlined the Liberty Aviation Museum Military Vehicle & Equipment show, and the WACO biplane and C-47 adventure rides.

The “Tin Goose” will be at Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton on Aug. 2-3 and at Put-in-Bay Airport on Aug. 4-5. It will return to Port Clinton on Sept. 6-8. Cost is $72 for adults, $52 for children 17 and under. Visit or call 419-732-0234.

Known as the first luxury airliner, the Ford Tri-Motor redefined world travel and marked the beginning of commercial flight. The tour stops are hosted by volunteers who are passionate about sharing the Ford Tri-Motor stories.

Families are invited to learn about the Ford Tri-Motor and its organization. Viewing the aircraft is free, so bring along a camera. Flights are available, with revenue from the Ford Tri-Motor Tour helping cover maintenance and operation costs for the aircraft and keep the “Tin Goose” flying for many years to come.

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