Local businesses rally to build foundation of Oak Harbor’s future

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The Founders Program business members of the Oak Harbor Development Group recently gathered at the Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce to contribute their annual $1,000 checks. The funds make sure the village will have the matching funds needed to apply for improvement grants. (Photo by D’Arcy Egan)

The Oak Harbor Development Group (OHDG) continues to spearhead multiple community improvement projects at the Veterans Park and the Downtown Riverfront District. The group continues to make headway by applying for grants to support and accomplish the projects.
“Some of our larger community improvement projects, such as the Veterans Park Fitness Trail and a new shelter house along the Downtown Riverfront District, require such substantial funds that we wouldn’t be able to accomplish them without being awarded grants,” said Mike Shadoan, chairman of the OHDG.

“And you can’t be awarded grants without being able to secure matching funds. That is where our Founders Program comes into play.”

The Founders Program is made up of a group of business owners and residents who believe in the future plans for Oak Harbor and are dedicated to the common good of the area, explained Shadoan. Each business has made the commitment to contribute $1,000 each year for the next 10 years – and perhaps longer.

To date, the following businesses have joined together in the Founders Program, and more are becoming interested in joining the group as their message and vision spreads, said Shadoan. “Together, these local businesses and their gracious owners have pledged well over $100,000 to ensure a successful implementation of these projects,” said Shadoan.

To learn more about the proposed plans and to become involved with the Founders Program, visit www.ohdg.org or contact Shadoan at 419-706-6034 or president@ohdg.org.

Founders Program participants this year include:
Crosser Funeral Home & Cremation Services
Greer Automotive & Towing LLC
Howey’s House of Brews
NWO Propane
Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce
Radiant Windows
Radiant Remodeling
St. Bonore Financial Services
UIS Insurance & Investments
Village of Oak Harbor
Walker Funeral Home & Crematory

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