Logan Brown, Faith Chapman in RED Talks

Mar 2, 2022 | Featured, Schools | 0 comments

Language Arts and Speech Teacher Joe Miller of Port Clinton High School believes his students have thoughts worth sharing. To give the students a platform for bringing those thoughts to anyone and everyone who would like to hear them, Miller is debuting the third season of RED Talks at the Performing Arts Center at the high school.

Logan Brown, a senior at Port Clinton, will present “We Didn’t Start the Fire” on Thursday, March 3 at 8 a.m. Her RED Talk will be about how pop culture consumes us.

Faith Chapman is also a senior, and she will tackle “The Story Behind Stories,” on Thursday, March 10 at 8 a.m. The theme is for “Everybody gather ‘round” to hear what the backstories might be.

A special guest Jane Taylor, a retired Port Clinton teacher and noted teller of tales, will wrap up the March 10 TED Talk.

The TED Talks by Miller’s students are replications of the popular TED (technology, entertainment, design) talks given by experts in various fields of study around the world each year.

The Port Clinton students doing a TED Talk will have eight to 15 minutes to talk about a topic for which they have personal experience. Students write scripts, create PowerPoint slides and practice for a talk that takes place in front of an audience of students and community members. Just as national TED talk presenters don’t use a podium, the Port Clinton speakers move across the stage to stay in contact with the audience.

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