Longtime Beacon Editor D’Arcy Patrick Egan retires

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Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, left, and ODNR Director Mary Mertz, right, induct D’Arcy Patrick Egan into the ODNR Hall of Fame in July.


Environmental advocate, D’Arcy Patrick Egan, helped protect and promote walleye fishing on Lake Erie.

For six years, The Beacon had the privilege of being transformed by a media legend. When D’Arcy Patrick Egan accepted a request to become editor of The Beacon in 2017, he brought with him decades of newspaper expertise. Now, he is ready to spend less time in front of his computer and more time at the whirling end of a fishing pole.

Egan retired from The Beacon on Dec. 31.

Egan grew up in Cleveland, where the wild sounds of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo intermingled with the urban noise of his neighborhood. The roaring of the lions and screams of the monkeys somehow got in his blood, and by the time he was an adult, he easily stepped into the wet and muddy profession of outdoors writing.

Egan worked at the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ohio’s largest newspaper, for over 50 years and served as its outdoors editor for 45 years. The job came with unique privileges. The little boy who grew up downwind of metropolitan elephant herds found himself hunting trophy wildebeest upwind of their grazing grounds in the South African grasslands.

Egan’s Plain Dealer job gave him the opportunity to hunt around the world.

“I’ve hunted big game from greater kudu in South Africa to bull elk in Colorado, as well as trophy caribou in Quebec, including on remote Baffin Island,” he said. “I’ve tagged a number of white-tailed deer over the years, many in Ohio, as well as on Anticosti Island in Quebec.”

Stateside, Egan bagged deer in Michigan and a few southern states, including South Carolina and Georgia. Egan’s greatest passion is hunting wild birds – especially pheasant, grouse, waterfowl and quail – and training pointing and retrieving dogs.

“I fished and hunted in premier places. I had a lot of invitations because I worked for the largest newspaper in the state, and many of our readers liked to fish and hunt,” Egan said.

Although he hunted many animals around the world, D’Arcy Patrick Egan especially enjoyed hunting wild birds with Desdemona (Desi), a female Deutsch Drahthaar.

In addition to newspaper writing, Egan also hosted the weekly television show, “Outdoors Ohio with D’Arcy Egan & Joe Thomas,” but his five decades promoting the outdoors didn’t just focus on recreation. Egan is also well-known as an environmental activist and Lake Erie advocate. Egan used voice and pen to promote and protect fish and game management, especially Lake Erie walleye fishing, and he was instrumental in the creation of a steelhead trout fishery in Northeast Ohio.

In July, Egan’s lifetime impact on Ohio’s outdoors earned accolades from the state. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources inducted Egan into its prestigious Hall of Fame on July 26, 2023.
When Egan retired from the Plain Dealer, he planned to spend more time in the woods and on the water, but The Beacon needed an editor, and he stepped in to help, bringing his writing and outdoor expertise to the Walleye Capital of the World. Since then, Egan helped transform The Beacon into Northwest Ohio’s favorite newspaper.

Now, he is retiring again, and the woods and water are still calling.

“I plan to do more fishing,” Egan said. “And I’ll do some magazine work.”

Beacon President and Publisher, Ali Hermes, said she received the news of Egan’s retirement with sad regret. She called him a superb and talented, award-winning writer.

D’Arcy Patrick Egan plans to spend more time on Lake Erie during his retirement from The Beacon.

“He is a staple of the community and has been the face of The Beacon that everyone loved speaking with. I hope he will bless us with some of his talented pieces over the next few years,” Hermes said. “Thank you, Mr. Egan, from all of us here at The Beacon, for the wonderful, entertaining and extraordinary work you did for our company and the community. As a company we will miss you; as a community we will forever remember your talented work.”

Beacon Assistant Editor, Sheri Trusty, was promoted to editor after Egan’s retirement. She knows she has big shoes to fill, shoes worn thin on foreign plains and exotic shores.

“D’Arcy has become a dear friend and much-valued mentor since I joined The Beacon a year and a half ago,” Trusty said. “I am very grateful I had the opportunity to learn from D’Arcy. My skills grew under his guidance, and, most importantly, he made my work fun. I will miss working with D’Arcy very much. I’m certain many of our readers will miss him as well.”

Happy retirement, D’Arcy Egan! You deserve many years of enjoyment on the waters you spent a lifetime protecting.

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    Thanks for all you have done D’Arcy. Enjoy your retirement.


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