Magee Boardwalk eagle nest toppled by big winds

Aug 18, 2021 | Ottawa Outdoors | 0 comments

Strong winds knocked down an eagles nest at the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area last week, but no eagles or eaglets were harmed. (Ohio Division of Wildlife)

A portion of Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, including the popular Magee Boardwalk, suffered significant damage after a strong storm went through the area on Tuesday, Aug. 10, according to the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

The most significant damage on the wildlife area occurred to the trees along the beachfront parking lot and boardwalk. Numerous trees were brought down by the storm and will need to be removed from the area.

One of the bald eagle nests near the boardwalk was blown down. A second nest close by weathered the storm. It is believed that no eagles or eaglets were harmed by the nest falling.

The road and boardwalk beyond the wildlife area’s Sportsmen’s Migratory Bird Center is closed to all guests so staff can assess the damage and clean up debris.

For more information and updates to the status of cleanup and repairs, visit the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area page at or follow the Division of Wildlife on Facebook and Twitter. The Magee Marsh Wildlife Area is located in Ottawa County at 13229 West State Route 2, Oak Harbor.

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