Magruder hosts Wellness Event for 81st anniversary

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Magruder General Surgeon Dr. Ray Fuller will display a 15-foot inflatable walk- through colon at Magruder Hospital’s 81st annual Anniversary & Wellness Event.

Most people only see doctors, nurses and medical experts when they’re sick and in need of care. Magruder Hospital’s staff will take time out from what has been a very busy year to keep people from getting ill, or recognizing the symptoms when they do, at its 81st Anniversary Party and Wellness Event on Thursday, Aug. 12 from 3-6 p.m.

The Ottawa County Health Department and other area agencies will be on hand, as well, with health and wellness information and resources for people of all ages.

The most dramatic display could be one of the most important, a 15-foot inflatable walk-through colon, never considered a very attractive part of one’s anatomy. Dr. Ray Fuller, a general surgeon, will talk about colon health, though, and for a good reason.

While colon cancer was once unusual in young people, in recent years the often hard-to-detect cancer has been found in growing numbers of young men and women, a cancer that often isn’t diagnosed until the cancer has metastasized, spreading throughout the body.

A wonderful nurse was diagnosed with colorectal cancer shortly after graduating with her second Master’s degree. She fought back, organizing her network into the largest team in Cleveland’s Undy Run/Walk for Colon Cancer. She joined the board of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance’s Never 2 Young Campaign to spread the word, using her research and communication skills to contribute to a cause that affected her intimately.

She died three years ago. Early diagnosis might have made a difference.

If anyone thinks of colon cancer as an old-timer’s disease, and a colonoscopy as a dreaded exam that can wait until you are in your 60’s, think again. It’s an easy test, and colon cancer can be cured — but only if caught in time.

The Wellness Event is also about fun, a way of delivering the message with a spoonful of sugar. Jump on a giant hamster wheel that you can run or walk on and make a tasty shaved ice treat. Take a spin on the Ohio Sate University Extension Derma-Scan machine and “smoothie bike.” No-alcohol happy hour features snacks and a slushy machine.

President and CEO Nick Marsico of Magruder Hospital will deliver some brief remarks about the hospital and its heritage at 5 p.m. outside the main entrance door of the hospital, as well as a few state and local officials.

Sponsoring the special day and the Wellness Event are the Magruder Auxiliary, Ottawa County Community Foundation, Our Guest Inn & Suites, Port Clinton Auto Repair and Port Clinton Kiwanis.

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