Magruder puts focus on wellness to celebrate 81st anniversary

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Patient Dieticians Kim Leneghan, left, and Sophia Volpe provided information on preventing colon cancer at the Wellness Event last Thursday at Magruder Hospital. General Surgeon Dr. Ray Fuller walked people through a unique 15-foot #MegaColon to describe various indicators of the dreaded disease. (Photos by D’Arcy Patrick Egan)


The emphasis was less on speeches and more on wellness and having a bit of fun at Magruder Hospital’s 81st Anniversary Party and Wellness Event last Thursday.

For President and CEO Nick Marsico, Chief Nursing Officer Kim Schreiner, Chief Financial Officer Julie Georgoff, and Executive Assistant Pat Peters — who represent approximately 400 employees — the proclamations from Ottawa County Commissioners Donald Douglas, Mark Coppeler and Mark Stahl and Port Clinton Mayor Michael Snider were icing on the cake.

Marsico’s short message, though, resonated well with a crowd eager to stay healthy in these trying times.

“We envision a community where every member reaches their highest potential for health and well-being,” said Marsico. “We are committed to that vision, and to the people who live in or visit our community.”

Marsico emphasized that Magruder Hospital is an independent healthcare provider, making its decisions within the walls of the hospital. They are not governed by a large organization headquartered outside the area.

Nuclear Medicine Technician Jessica Lepley used an Achilles InSight Ultrasound to give older folks a bone density test to determine if they have a risk of osteoporosis — a disorder characterized by bones that are more fragile and more likely to break.

“We make decisions within this community, that support this community, for the best interests of this community. That’s our focus,” he said, in order to be fiercely independent.

But Magruder Hospital isn’t in a bubble. Its various teams work with local and regional partners to provide quality care.

“We are proud of our positive relationships developed to our east and west that allow us to offer services like cardiology, cancer care and chemotherapy, vascular health urology, orthopedic surgery and dermatology, to name a new.”

Marsico points out that Magruder Hospital consistently boasts satisfaction levels that are in the top 5% to 10% of the nation. By choosing Magruder Hospital, patients are helping to keep healthcare right here in Port Clinton and Ottawa County.

Marsico thanked the crowd of local folks and city and county officials for helping the Magruder staff of almost 400 to celebrate 81 years of service, and keep Magruder an independent hospital.

“Thank you for matching our energy to benefit this great community, and for making Magruder your hospital.”

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