Magruder seeking donors to help keep cancer care close to home

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Magruder Hospital Philanthropy and Fundraising Coordinator, Kim Palmer, left, and Alison Lanza Falls, a Magruder Hospital Foundation board member, are seeking donors who want to keep cancer care at Magruder Hospital. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)


Nurse practitioner, Laura Muller, heads Magruder’s oncology department with compassion and concern. (Submitted photo)

In an effort to offer optimal cancer care close to home, Magruder Hospital partnered with University Hospitals to provide follow up care for oncology patients. The collaboration brings a level of comfort and convenience during a stressful season of life. Magruder is now facing an obstacle that, once overcome, will equip the hospital with the resources to provide even better care to even more patients, but they need help to conquer the hurdle.

University Hospitals upgraded its electronic medical records system, and, to stay connected, Magruder must upgrade its system as well. Magruder is working to raise $300,000 for the project.

The hospitals’ collaboration has impacted many patients. 2,438 patients received oncology services at Magruder in 2023, and 425 patients received IV treatments.

The oncology department has been headed by nurse practitioner, Laura Muller, for many years.

“Laura Muller has been dedicated to this department since 2005,” said Magruder Hospital Philanthropy and Fundraising Coordinator, Kim Palmer.

Within her first year at Magruder, Palmer was promoted to manager of the oncology department. In 2013, she obtained an Oncology Certified Nurse Certificate, and in 2021, she earned a Master’s of Science in Nursing Administration and Management. In April, 2023, she continued on with a post Master’s in Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner.

“She has dedicated her life to our hospital and our community,” Palmer said.

Muller’s commitment to her patients goes beyond their medical care.

Cancer patients receive treatments in rooms like this at Magruder. (Submitted photo)

“She’s so proactive. She comes up with so many good ideas. Her department helps patients with gas and provides meals after treatment,” said Alison Lanza Falls, a Magruder Hospital Foundation board member. “She has a wonderful reputation.”

Now, Muller and Magruder need help to continue to offer compassionate care to local residents in their own community. The hospital is working to raise $300,000 to upgrade the hospital’s online medical records.

Magruder is seeking donors who want to help impact the lives of oncology patients.

“We’re looking for donors who have been touched by cancer,” Lanza Falls said. “We’re looking for anyone affected by cancer who wants to maintain this care in our community.”

If Magruder can’t maintain its collaboration with University Hospitals, patients will have to travel out of the county for oncology care.

“It this wasn’t here, it would affect a lot of people,” Palmer said. “We need to update the records to sustain the program.”

In addition to seeking individual donors, Magruder is hosting two fundraising event, Golfing for the Goal and Grapes & Grains. Golfing for the Goal will be held at Catawba Island Club on July 15. Individual players’ fee is $200, and groups of four is $800. Sponsorships include acknowledgements on signage, on social media and in the printed event program.

Grapes & Grains will be held on Oct. 10. Magruder is looking for sponsors for the event, which will include live auctions.

For more information on helping Magruder Hospital raise funds for its records upgrade project, contact Kim Palmer at 419-301-4372.

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