Marblehead Lions and Danbury firefighters team up to save lives

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Firefighter EMT Cody Dunn teaches infant CPR to Carol McNamara, center, and Anne Massey. The free CPR event was hosted in collaboration with Marblehead Peninsula Lions. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)


Firefighter EMT Cheyenne Dunn demonstrates how to administer CPR during a free CPR training event hosted by Danbury Township Fire Department and the Marblehead Peninsula Lions. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

The Marblehead Peninsula Lions recently partnered with the Danbury Township Fire Department to offer free CPR training to the community. The event was a collaborative effort to save lives.

The CPR training was administered by Lt. Tim Almendinger, Firefighter Paramedic Shawn Hunsicker and Firefighter EMTs Cody and Cheyenne Dunn. Community members who underwent training did not receive CPR certification. Instead, the purpose of the event was to simply educate the public and give them practical, lifesaving tools in case of an emergency.

“There’s a huge need for that,” Cheyenne said. “Since COVID, we’ve had so many more cardiac calls and stroke calls. Anything we can do to inform the community will help.”

The few short minutes between a medical incident and the arrival of First Responders are vital.

“If they can render aid before we arrive, it increases the chance of survival,” Almendinger said.

Marblehead Peninsula Lions Past President and Membership Chairman, Tod Kelly, said the idea for CPR training was inspired by a conversation with friends.

“We’re getting older, and I started to realize we don’t know how to do this,” Kelly said. “My friends and I were talking one day, and none of us would know what to do.”

Although the non-certification CPR training was free, certification is available for a fee.

“This was a public outreach program, but people wanting to be certified can contact the fire department and set up a class,” Hunsicker said.

The Danbury Township Fire Department can be reached at 419-798-5219.

Kelly is grateful the Danbury Township Fire Department was willing to help provide lifesaving training to the public.

“The Danbury Township Fire Department really takes care of us,” Kelly said. “They are very well-trained and very knowledgeable, and I’m thankful they took the time to do this for the community.”

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