Marblehead Lions, village, township debut new look for scenic Lake Point Park

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The renaming of Lake Point Park in Marblehead was a joint effort of the Marblehead Peninsula Lions and local officials. At the sign unveiling on Sunday, June 11, were from left to right, Marblehead Peninsula Lions park committee members Kyle Wood, Jerry Rhodes, Jim Keys and Bob Kailor; Danbury Township trustees Dianne Rozak and Dave Hirt; and Marblehead Peninsula Lions President Bill Tuttamore. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)


A local collaboration between the Marblehead Peninsula Lions, Danbury Township trustees, and the Village of Marblehead has resulted in scenic Lake Point Park being given a new name. The park was officially dedicated as Marblehead Peninsula Lions Park at Lake Point on Sunday to celebrate improvements to the park and its welcoming signage on the Lake Erie shoreline.

The small park a stone’s throw from the iconic Marblehead Lighthouse has big views of the waters of Lake Erie and Sandusky Bay, including the Cedar Point Amusement Park just across the bay to the east. It embraces a small quarry pond, and has an attractive picnic shelter and parking area.

A large crowd of local dignitaries, district Lions officials, Marblehead Peninsula Lions Club members and local residents gathered at the park to see the new sign and celebrate with a picnic lunch.

The event was headed by Marblehead Peninsula Lions Club President Bill Tuttamore, whose members are grateful for their working friendship between the Lions and local government officials.

“We have a great relationship with the Danbury Township trustees and the Village of Marblehead,” said Tuttamore of the working friendship between the Lions and local government officials.

“We have always been community-minded. We’ve reached out and helped all the parks in the area,” he said. “Other clubs have Lions parks, and we thought it would be a really good thing to have here.”

“We couldn’t be happier,” said Danbury Township Trustee Dianne Rozak. “Our staff does a great job, and to work with the Lion’s Club and do the renaming of the park is just great.”

“I’m so happy to see this,” said Marblehead Village Councilman John Starcher. “The Lions have been a valuable asset to the community.”

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