Marriage Licenses for 6-27-19

June 4

Charles F. Kelly Jr., 66, retired, Port Clinton and Brenda K. Bates, 56, retired, Fostoria, Ohio.

June 5

Joshua T. O’Lalde, 29, chef and Courtny M. Hennig, 26, retail, both of Port Clinton.

June 7

Joseph Robert Phillips, 25, technician and Brooke Nicole Kissling, 25, driver, both of Oak Harbor.

June 11

Arthur Davis Mata, 39, education and Jennifer Sue Norman, 33, engineer, both of Irving, Tex.

June 12

Tyler James LaGrange, 29, machinist and Jessica Leigh-Ann Blumerick, 26, higher ed administrative, both of Newport, Mich.

June 13

Ronald E. Wallen, 49, construction and Paula F. Minnear, 53, bartender, both of Port Clinton.

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