Medical marijuana Referral Clinic in Port Clinton helps patients

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Dr. Jeffrey Shaw

Dr. Jeffrey Shaw is an Ohio Board Certified doctor now working with CarePath, in Port Clinton, to review the medical records of local patients and help them to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card. (Photo by D’Arcy Egan)


A Medical Marijuana Referral Clinic is open in Port Clinton, giving potential patients the chance to have a certified doctor check their conditions and determine if they could be helped by that form of treatment, and to acquire the needed Ohio Medical Marijuana Card.

CarePath, a physician-owned and operated clinic, will not dispense medical marijuana. That is only allowed at an Ohio State certified dispensary. The dispensaries closest to Ottawa County are The Forest Dispensary in Sandusky and Terrasana Dispensary in Fremont.

Dr. Jeffrey Shaw of CarePath, 58 Grand Lake Dr., Port Clinton, has been meeting with patients to review their medical records and helping them obtain their Ohio Medical Marijuana Card. CarePath primarily has convenient weekend hours right now. Visit or call 419-442-0070 for details.

“There is no doubt among the mainstream medical community that medical marijuana has proven itself in treating a wide range of disorders and conditions,” said Dr. Shaw, who has offices in Port Clinton and Medina.

“Our focus on the patient really sets us apart from other practices,” said Dr. Shaw. “Many patients approach us with questions, and we want to help them to fully understand their options and be comfortable with them.”

After reviewing medical records, Dr. Shaw can provide their Ohio Medical Marijuana Card the same day as their appointment. Dr. Shaw also offers home visits for patients under hospice care.

The list of 21 conditions eligible for medical marijuana in Ohio are wide ranging, from sickle cell anemia to multiple sclorisis.

“By far, the most common condition is for pain management,” said Dr. Shaw. “But medical marijuana can also help with spinal disease, glaucoma, cancer and as a substitute for opioids prescribed for pain. Many patients who have been prescribed opioids would rather rely on medical marijuana.”

The basic marijuana products that can be purchased at a dispensary include marijuana flower, edibles, extract, tincture, vape and topical medications.

Dr. Shaw says that many patients have already tried illegal marijuana.

“Getting their medical marijuana from a licensed dispensary, though, is more comforting because it is legal,” he said. “The formulations and purity of their products are far more reliable.”

A lot of doctors are reluctant to get certified to prescribe medical marijuana because they don’t have the time or inclination, said Dr. Shaw. “Or they work for major hospitals that frown on their doctors getting certified.”

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